Choosing Between Forex Trading Brokers in the UK

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Understanding Forex Trading Platforms in the UK

A trading platform is a software application that has been developed specifically for use on the trading market. The platform typically provides methods to:
  • Collect market data
  • Analyse data
  • Execute trades on the market.
Forex trading platforms are software applications that have been designed for use on the foreign exchange market. Forex trading platforms provide specific tools for analysis and charting capabilities useful for Forex investors. These platforms also serve as a link between investors and Forex brokers. Investors must gain access to the Forex market through an FCA-regulated Forex broker; the trading platform provides a reliable conduit for information (such as currency pair prices and spreads) and trade execution requests to be effectively communicated between investors and brokers.
The MetaTrader 4 platform is the most popular Forex trading platform available in the world today. Most brokers offer some variation of this platform because it is intuitive and includes a lot of powerful features.
The Forex trading platforms available in the UK are often specific to each brokerage company. Different brokers offer different platform options which clients can use to access important market information and execute trades. It is up to each investor to find the broker that offers the specific Forex trading platform which provides the best overall Forex trading experience.

Finding the Right Forex Trading Platforms

In order to find the right Forex trading platforms for your unique needs, it is important to ask yourself what features you consider necessary for the best possible trading experience.
The most traditional trading platform applications are accessed after they are installed locally on the investor’s PC. This is the preferable option for many investors who choose to receive market information and execute trades from the comfort of their home or office environment. PC-based MetaTrader 4 platforms generally offer the highest levels of functionality for clients. Some brokers also offer MetaTrader 4 platforms which are designed to work seamlessly for Mac clients as well. Are you interested in Forex robots or Expert Advisors? Ensure the trading platform you choose integrates these tools and allows for the creation of new ones.
Do you prefer the convenience of accessing market information and executing trades from a web-based trading platform? More Forex brokers are providing this option for clients who prefer the freedom of using a web browser on any computer or device with an internet connection.
Would it be more convenient to access your account from an iPad or a smartphone? Find a Forex broker that provides the necessary mobile solutions to meet your needs.


Choosing Between Brokers and Platforms


With the number of Forex broker options available in the UK and the different platforms that each broker offers, it can be very hard to make a choice. The top Forex brokers provide demo accounts for prospective clients, mirroring the live Forex trading environment and making it possible to try out the products and services offered by the broker before committing to purchasing a live account for actual trading on the markets.


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